Iconic & Innovative

Dynamic Attractions creates attractions
that everyone 'must' ride.

From the latest blockbuster movie franchise to original experiences based on an amusement park’s theme, we work confidentially, side-by-side with you to develop one-of-a-kind rides.

Our Attractions Development Center, located in Orlando, is a think-tank creating the next generation of attractions. Brilliant storytelling, technology and robust engineering are our tools. Dynamic’s Ride Development Center is in Vancouver, where bold engineers and precision fabricators work side-by-side. Our Parts and Services team is deployed inside theme parks around the world, providing rehabs, repairs, audits, tests, and on-site consultations for ride systems, and now expanding into show systems as well.

Our company grew out of Dynamic Structures, a company that has forged an impressive list of ‘world’s firsts’ since 1926. We have applied that valuable experience to nearly 50 state-of-the-art theme park attractions systems.

We’re proud to be part of Empire Industries Ltd., a leader in innovation, quality and safety for highly specialized entertainment and astronomy projects.

Proven Attractions

The design, engineering and fabrication were proven to be impeccable.
– Walt Disney Imagineering

When you build world-class attractions, you need world-class vendors like Dynamic.
– Universal Studios

The most popular and highest-rated attraction in the park!
– Wanda Movie Park


Thrilling Pros

No other company in the industry is better equipped to create your next cornerstone attraction.

We’re led, with passion, by some of the industry’s most extraordinary talent:

Guy Nelson, President
Cindy Emerick, Americas, Europe & Middle East
Kelven Tan, Asia
Mike Haimson, Technical
George Walker, Creative
Ye Zhou, Dynamic Structures
David Lo, Engineering

And we’re dynamic. Our growing team of amazing employees includes

180 technical experts
250 precision-focused attractions fabricators

Meet the People